Professional Credentials

Certificate in Quality Management (X107)


This is an introduction to the Global Certificate in Quality Management. This program provides experienced supervisors and middle managers with the knowledge to introduce a range of quality initiatives and programs in the organization. Learn the principles of ISO 9001 and international quality standards. Learn the principles of quality improvement, including Kaizen, lean 6 Sigma and TQM, and, learn how to manage the human resources, and logistics to successfully implement an improvement program.


1. Foundations in Quality Management
2. Solving Problems at Work
3. Foundations in LEAN 6 Sigma
4. Managing Service Quality
5. Leading an Improvement Team


• LEVEL: First-Line and Middle Managers and Quality Professionals
• COURSES: 5 (see course details below)
• CREDITS: 10 (100 CPD hours)
• LEARNING: 100 Hours (each course takes approx. 20 hours to complete)
• DURATION: 3 Months
• CERTIFICATION: GMA Digital Credentials

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  • Certificate in Quality Management - Introduction
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed