Professional Credentials

Certificate in Operations Management (X206)


This is an introduction to the Global Certificate in Operations Management. This program is designed to enable new and experienced middle managers, to develop the skills and knowledge to manage the operations of a business unit. You will learn how to develop operational plans, develop and control operations budgets, plan for and manage the physical resources (materials, facilities and equipment), and develop and manage workforce plans


1. Operations Planning
2. Managing for Efficiency and Effectiveness
3. Managing Physical Resources
4. Improving Workforce Productivity
5. Managing Risk in the Organization


• LEVEL: Middle Managers and Operations Professionals
• COURSES: 5 (see course details below)
• CREDITS: 10 (100 CPD hours)
• LEARNING: 100 Hours (each course takes approx. 20 hours to complete)
• DURATION: 3 Months
• CERTIFICATION: GMA Digital Credentials

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  • Certificate in Operations Management - Introduction
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed